Our Solutions
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Our Solutions


Our Middleware Team makes a valuable contribution to your Digital Program, ensuring processes are simplified and automated, that complex systems collaborate and legacy systems keep delivering value.


We connect Business systems and processes through the use of Enterprise platforms and frameworks. We can help you to create efficiencies and greater connectivity both within your business and in how you collaborate with your clients/partners.


We connect billing and CRM systems to improve customer service, timesheet and cost systems to capture project costs and client facing mobile customer portals with back-end systems to ensure secure, responsive banking transactions.


We have a strong relationship with IBM, Oracle and Software AG, and also deliver using Mule, Biztalk and Kafka.

Our Data & Insights Team

We provide our clients with timely and accurate performance information as well as the information to gain insights into their future for planning and what-if analysis. We do this by integrating multiple data sources and tools to generate accurate, real-time reporting on operational activity as well as the ability to combine data from multiple sources so you can gain insights through Data Visualisation.


Our Data & Insights team use Oracle, Tableau, WhereScape Red, Qlik and Snowflake tools.


Working on the Data

Friday works with Data as well as Technology, providing: Data Architecture, Modelling and Compliance, as well as addressing capability issues through organisational maturity and Data Management.


ESG Reporting & Data

Friday Solutions has designed and built reporting solutions for over a decade: we can help you gain confidence in your data for compliance and work with you to progress the maturity of your ESG Reporting Framework so that the next time you report it’s easier than the last.


We can also build-in flexibility so you can add reporting requirements as the standards evolve.


We focus on the data and how it’s collated, delivering the right framework to meet your needs.

Developing Business Applications

Our Development Team quickly delivers applications for the business that meet requirements and through Agile Practices and Low Code Tools we do so in days or weeks, so we keep up with your ever changing business.


We have a growing team of Oracle APEX specialists who rapidly deliver solutions using Oracle’s Low Code toolset.


Successful projects can only be delivered through a combination of skills, so our Analytics, Integration and Development Teams are all supported by DBAs, Architects, PL/SQL specialists, Project Managers and Service Delivery Management to ensure a successful outcome.