Friday Solutions Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program
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Friday Solutions Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

Who are we?

Friday Solutions Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program

Friday Solutions was built on our business relations and as such we are passionate about our staff, clients and community. It is because of this that we know the value of an excellent workforce, the potential environmental impact our business could have and the importance of our community.

We therefore ensure our team is always supported. An example of how we follow this being in 2019, when we became an Accredited Employer for Immigration New Zealand to support several staff in their applications for NZ Residency or Citizenship.

We are aware of our environmental footprint and passionate about taking steps to minimize this, working in a sustainable manner wherever possible. We mitigate this by running a paperless office, reducing private transport through remote working, provide reusable drink bottles and coffee cups to all staff whether based on-site or externally, and conserving our water and power usage within our office.

We have also supported multiple organizations in not only our but other, wider communities; with donations to Ocean Clean Up, (, Building Schools in Nepal, University of Auckland Students in Need, City Mission, the Australian Fire Recovery and more.

These are a handful of examples of how Friday Solutions self-regulates, as a company and individuals, in order to maximise our impact.